You do not need to suffer for beauty

That is good news during times where more and more people develop allergies. In fact every fourth person can expect to develop allergies at some point during life. So why expose yourself to more harmful substances than absolute necessary?

DermaPharm work together with the European Asthma & Allergy Association on product declarations. The cooperation counts the Derma series as well as a long line of products in our private label production. The declaration is not an approval or recommendation of the product, but rather a confirmation that The European Asthma & Allergy Association has reviewed the list of ingredients for the product and assessed that according to the latest research constitutes a minimal risk of developing allergies.

At DermaPharm we are of course proud that our skin care series Derma, as the first series, has been awarded both the label of the Asthma & Allergy Association and the Nordic environment label, Ecolabel (the Swan label.).

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