DermaPharm sets the standard

No company can survive without a proper environmental policy and quality with respect to products and services. The global competition is much too strong for that. This is why it is good to have certified international standards such as ISO 14001, 9001 and 22716.

ISO 14001
DermaPharm is certified according to the environmental management system ISO 14001. This means that we can document that our processes, activities and competencies are aimed at minimizing external environmental effects. We are therefore committed to observe current laws and regulations regarding the environment, such as pollution prevention, and continuously improve the environmental effort. Both our customers and our surroundings can benefit from this.

ISO 9001
Quality comes in a dynamic size. What is good quality today may only be of mediocre quality tomorrow. The speed of innovation changes in other words continuously the definition of quality. DermaPharm is with its ISO 9001 certification focused on customer demands and continued improvements to our business performance. We have a dynamic customer relevant quality focus, which means that our organization is well prepared to utilize new opportunities in a competitive market.

ISO 22716
DermaPharm is also certified according to the ISO 22716 standard concerning Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This means that we can document that our products are manufactured pursuant to the strict GMP standards for quality and safety. GMP is one of the pillars of the new EU directive for cosmetics. This directive sets very high standards for consumer safety and can be compared to the high GMP standards that are set for the pharmaceutical industry, among others, only with the difference that this GMP standard is dedicated to cosmetics.

At DermaPharm we are proud to incorporate these three standards. For the benefit of our costumers, end users and employees.


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