Attractive partner for private brands

Are you full of good ideas, but need a “birthing coach”? Do you have a particular concept or a special ingredient for a new product? Then DermaPharm is an attractive partner.

DermaPharm can help you through the entire process. From the start-up of your new project to advice on selection of raw materials, methods, packaging and design until your finished product is ready for marketing when we loosen our grip on your product development.

We can handle just about any production order from small quantities to large volumes. We have a large and efficient production facility with high flexibility at our disposal, and today, we produce private label products for customers in many European markets and in the Middle East.

We put our heart and soul into the entire process and protect your name and product as if they were our own. DermaPharm will produce and release your product and is therefore responsible for it being in compliance with current regulations – and meeting the expectations of our mission, vision and values. That way your success also becomes our success.

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