Environmentally correct for our future

Hair care, body care, specialty products, baby products, sun protection, wax products, toothpaste, food products, dietary supplements etc. DermaPharm’s eco-friendly production reaches from A – Z.

About half of DermaPharm’s production covers our own brands such as Derma, Derma Helse, Derma Beta, Pharmacy Line and Hello Sunshine. The other half is specialized private label productions. This distribution gives us a good and well-assorted production spread and a broad knowledge base in what we refer to as customer defined production.

At DermaPharm we have the qualifications and facilities to develop and deliver eco-friendly and health conscious products that are gentle for both the consumer and the environment. With almost 40 years of experience and with a team of innovative and well qualified coworkers we are able to offer the complete solution from idea to finished product – good skin care products through documented, thorough research and a safe development process with gentle, traceable ingredients.


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