R&D - Leading the way with innovation

From oils and vitamins to perfumes and active ingredients... There is plenty to choose from, when putting together the recipe for body care – but when is it time to say no thanks rather than yes please?

Our knowledgeable and experienced heart beats for environmentally correct products and products that can go the distance when it comes to quality without using allergy causing ingredients. That means that there are many ingredients that we don't want anything to do with. This actually makes us the innovative leader on the Danish market of environmentally correct skin care. We want to set the standard for environmentally correct body care products; this is exactly why we have been approved by Ecolabel and ECOCERT, and produce a wide range of products with declaration by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation.

With DermaPharm you can be sure of one thing. Our products are based on clean, eco-friendly raw materials under strict requirements and strict control. We are also proud to always be at the cutting edge of development through new production methods, new raw materials, in short – new ways. And we certainly are also proud to be the company that is the most advanced on the Danish market when it comes to minimizing the use of preservatives.

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