DermaPharm - Danish award-winning manufacturer of certified skin care

DermaPharm is passionate about mild, environmentally friendly personal care products and is a pioneer in this field in Denmark and abroad. For nearly 40 years DermaPharm has produced environmentally correct and gentle body care products both here in Denmark and abroad. Today, DermaPharm is the innovative market leader within eco-friendly skin care in Scandinavia and has won several awards for our pure, high-quality, certified skin care products. 

Our own label, Derma, is the result of almost 40 years of experience with eco-conscious, allergy-certified skin care for consumers, hospitals and institutions.As the first skin care series in Denmark, Derma received both the official Nordic environmental label, The Swan label, and the Asthma & Allergy Foundations declaration. Today, all Derma products are also AllergyCertified and several also organic certified by Ecocert. We are of course proud of this achievement. And the best thing about Derma is that the products contain no perfumes, parabens or dyes. 

Located in Denmark, DermaPharm is subject to the strict Danish laws in terms of high standards and quality control. That’s in addition to the Danish consumers themselves, considered the most critical and demanding consumers in the world when it comes to health and environmental concerns. We develop pure, high quality, safe skin care at our ISO-certified production plant in Denmark, where we currently employ a staff of 75.

With a mission concerned with creating trustworthy and intelligent brands through competence and serious commitment – and with the Swan label, the AllergyCertified label, Ecocert and the declaration of the Asthma & Allergy Foundation behind us for a long range of products – DermaPharm places great honor on care and eco-friendliness. That is for sure!









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